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Blah [21 Jul 2006|01:18am]
[ mood | crappy ]

So I'm not sure what kind of Rant I should do in this post my rants tend to be a bit all over the place.... but lets just wing it.

I think I wanted to touch base on my thoughts and feelings on dog breeding first, I don't think that will happen this time around. I think I'll hit the nail on the head and head right for how dumb some people are when it comes to the people they love.
Our new friend Sylvia a awesome woman, very out spoken a woman who will not think twice to ask you anything on her mind, she'll also tell you straight what she thinks on something and wont go behind your back on it. No she doesn't just say this I have seen her in action lol

I adore this woman but she's been with this man now for 5 years,they aren't married. She has 3 kids by him her oldest is from a prev relationship. This woman has been through a lot of shit like I have, but I can't stand her man. Why? cause he talks to her like she's a sack of shit and that doesn't fly with me.
Eg: She's sitting out with Josh and I the kids are playing, he comes home and bought some bread. starts walking to their house and she Say's "Oh yay bread" all cheery ... his response... "Of course it's bread you fucking idiot" then goes into the house..... needless to say this pisses me right off. I told her it did and she makes excises for this shit. Oh he's not as bad as my past boyfriends.... WHAT!! and why does that matter.... he's abusing you with words. It's the same thing and it hurts just as much.
I mean you love this person WHY the hell would you say something like that.
I see him say shit like this to her everyday. She goes on say he never has laid a hand on her so the words don't bother her... Bullshit the words hurt I know I had to hear them for 6 years with Tim they hurt just as much as being hit.

You don't say things like that to the people you love, you love them why would anyone go out of their way to hurt the people they love, it's sicking. The amount of people I have seen recently who don't give to flying fucks about the people they love and are so selfish it's really making me sick, I mean this is one of the reasons I don't bother with people that and many other reasons but this one is up there I tell ya.

Her reason for putting up with it, this strong will full woman is... she has 4 kids and she would have to live in the slums if she kicked him out....This kills me cause I know she's right, she would have to move back to the area she fought to get away from and now she's stuck here not being about to support her 4 kids if she kicked him. It's sad and true, hence pisses me off even more cause she's trapped somewhere she doesn't want to be and with a man she only loves when he's nice to her.

Now he thinks Josh wants her, so he doesn't want Josh around her....WTF unlike him I trust the man I love and I know he wouldn't do anything even if he wanted to lol

Josh treats me with respect and I treat him the same, we hardly ever fight and we never go to bed mad. If there's something we just can't agree one we try finding some kind of middle ground to work on. Josh treats me like a queen most the time and it took many years for me to get use to that. We love each other and other then in play we never ever say awful things in hate, it's wrong to say those kind of things to your loved ones.

He thinks Josh wants her and he's all but pretty much forbidding her to come around, now Josh can be a flirt but not really with her.
The Odd Joke here and there but nothing major but this guy insults Josh and it's starting to really get under my skin, we don't have a lot of friends by choice and to have him try and ruin a good friendship before it starts pisses me off, we offered him last night to come sit and chat with us you know what they guy said... "Why don't you just suck my dick"
Oh now if that's not a childish comment I don't know what is.
That so pisses me off beyond all else!
respect the poor woman gets none, she also Say's it's not like this inside the house, I don't overly think that's true I lived in hell with a man who beat, belittled, raped and controlled me and that shit doesn't fly with me.

I told her what Tim did to me, I told her what happened when I was giving birth to Bryce and he hoped I would die and said he was going to kill my dog ect... they who thing I don't open like this offen.

You know what she said to me..... Were you fucking stupid to put up with that.

You know what I said. I smiled and said he's I was a moron and a damn scared one. abuse is abuse no matter how you look at it and saying those kind of things to people you love and care about is complete abuse. pisses me off and makes me want to scream and pull my hair out, I'm getting even more pissed thinking about it so lets move on to something else.

Also on my LJ I said someone I cared about did something I lost pretty much complete respect for, was my cousin.... yet again she's drinking and this time she almost got herself killed.
I know I should sound more caring but she has a drinking problem she wont face and I hate to pretty much cut ties with her just for my own safety and sanity.
after getting her teeth knocked out and her eyes blacked she begs me to come and beat these people up to defend her........ya.......riggggggggght I'll get right on that one. I have very proactive of friends and family but you know what you make your bed you lie in it.

just a random rant from me..... "sigh"

/u u\ Killer bunnies Rawr!

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Boob Nazi.... all comes down to cazzzzzzzzzzy [28 Apr 2006|11:18am]
[ mood | awake ]

Wow I was completely surprised on how people responded to my new "Rant" LJ hee hee he's another then I need to make one for my other normal LJ ^_^

I covered the animal childless nuts now I want to cover what bugs me about Boob Nazi from one end to the other. heee heee

Okay so what is a Boob Nazi some of you more then likely know snickering at this post already...Boob Nazi and yes this is what they call them selves are parents that feel if you don't brest feed your child with EVER ounce of your being you are a horrible parent, they do a damn good job of degrading any poor woman who try's and asks for help who is having what ever troubles.

Q: (Please help I have no milk it's been days and he/she is still crying to eat I'm starting to think I'll have to start him/her on formula)

A: (You are not trying hard enough, even thinking about formula feeding is horrible blah blah blah evil bad parent you are)

Yep this is about what you'll see when you talk to them, maybe not every one of them but damn close... Okay I am a believer breast IS better then bottle, of course it is I breast fed Bryce and Faith for a Loooong time, Xander on the other hand I wasn't getting milk in, I tried it all Nada never enough, so I had to go to bottle.

I feel so bad for these first time parents that want to Brest feed and just can't.
They are belittled and called names for what.. Does doing what you think is right make you a "bad" parent. Huh?? so let me get this straight... I Breast feed Bryce till he was 8 months.... Faith till she was 14 months and wasn't able to brest feed Xander and now because of that I'm horrible and awful parent.. COME ON!!!

We as parents should be helping each other not belittling each other or trying to force what "we" I use that term loosely. believe is the right thing. It's like pretty much everything we do in life there's more then one way to do things. not everything is Black and white there a Major grey area there people....

There being passionate about something there's a fine fine line between passion and being a complete and utter tit. (Pun in tented)

GET OVER YOUR TIT'S WOMAN yes feed your baby's be happy that they are healthy! HELP people who need it STOP telling them they are bad evil horrible parent because they just can't seem to do it right.

Now like before Shake your head... yes you can do it now smash it into a wall because come on, what good does it REALLY do when you belittle these poor people but make them NOT want to come to anyone for help with anything. Sad sad sad.

Anyways I think the point to this post was, get over your self and your tit's your not better then the woman who can't do it. contrary to your ideal they DO love their children very much.
/ end rant

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First rant.. Take one [27 Apr 2006|04:49pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Okee, let start this off. I have 5 min to myself kind of kids are napping.

I was at the hospital lastnight with Xander he has the croup, while I was there I was bord very very bord 3 hours with a sleeping 35lb child on you chest all there is to do is think.

A long time ago I joined a list called Childfree people who either like hate or have kids but like to rant about other peoples kids. Okay fair enough... I found that about 70% of these are animal fanatics. Okay cool I have NOTHING against people who love animals more then kids, I will agree that some people are not cut out to be parents and only have kids to get money from the government, they let their kid run wild scream be rude and be completely disrespectful. Now in that thought I understand I have come across my fair share of these people. What bugs me are the people that go over Bord these people that say the human race is fucked blah blah people suck all kids should die Rawr.... I mean come on people, I look at my kids and most caring parents you tech them right from wrong, you mold them into hopefully Strong and solid adults but not every person is perfect and not every child is either.

I hear these people that spend SOOOOOOOO much money on toys for their animals, okay cool you can afford it go for it. Then you have people who don't know that it's healthy for your pets to have pet toys. hmmm but the people spending XXX amount of money on their pets get pissy and rude when they find out not everyone spends 100's of dollars on their pets... you know what if you know me you know I have A LOT of animals, I love my animals I buy my animals toys, I also make toys for them, OMGZ you mean you don't spend 100 on your animals omg your such a horrible person. hmmm I think my kids should come first... (OMGZ YOU SPEND MONEY ON BRATTY KIDS BEFORE YOUR ANIMALS HOW HORRIBLE) .... ok first relax people take a step back and BREATH think about what your saying in the grand picture here. You sound like a loon..... you don't like kids you spend the same amount of money on toys for your pet most people would use for food for a month. hmmmm ok your money but don't act like your the greatest person in the world, just because you spend 100's on pet toy and you hate kids people and everyone else because people are "mean" get a grip on yourself here...

Oh and they travel in packs..... you get these people they say Oh I don't think that way. Then you get them in a room with others of their kind and it's like OMG!! Did you hear so and so doesn't spend 100's on toys for the (rats,birds,dogs,cats,fish ect..)Then they gang up OOoOooOoh lets beat him/her down, cause we have no life outside our pets and it's our goal to beat down anyone we don't deem "Worthy" Shake your damn head, come on you can do it, shake it and then bash it on the wall cause you just sound insane.
They also like freaking on the people who don't need to be freaking on, the people who love and care about their animals but did or said one thing that sets the whole No one needs the bullshit you know who these people need to look at ... Them selves for making everything in the world they way THEY think it should be...get over yourself and maybe find a new hobby like.... line dancing or something just as useless but would bring something other then drama to peoples lives... / end rant

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First post [27 Apr 2006|02:58pm]
[ mood | creative ]

<b>This is my first post of course...I'm not going to make it a
big one I just don't have the time right now. This is a branch off my
other LJ that I have
friends and family that I don't want to bother with my Ranting and
sometimes boring views, I barely swear on my other Lj but this one if for what ever the Fuck I want to say and if it's on my mind and you don't like it you can piss off. ROFLMAO

I will boast myself up a little
for people who don't know me. I'm complex I know I know another fucking
person who thinks there "Complected" no not in that way. I have been
through more in my life that other people wouldn't understand. some
would but others have no idea. I am VERY strong woman, but at the same
time I can be very weak. I'm head strong and soft hearted. I don't give
a flying fuck what people think of me, then I care to much and words
cut through me like a knife... See where I'm coming from here? This is
what I mean by complected and I know what I want most the time and if I
want it I will do my best to get what I want. I'm a good friend yet I hate people. I have panic attacks yet I can talk a loop around anyone.

I love animals I have a deep passion for them but I think there are a
lot of people who take animals too far, and are more wack job then
anything else.

I cover all of these in my posts and rants and what ever the fuck I say or post.

The one thing that is constant in my life that never change is the love
for my children and my husband. I'm a loving mom and protect them with
all in me.

Anyways This is enough for now. If you want to read more Add me if not oh well your loss hahaha. </b>

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